Welcome to My Redshirt Year in Prison!

Thank you for visiting my blog. As you may know, I am new to the blogosphere. I never dreamed that I would be blogging, but of course, I never dreamed I would be accused and convicted of a federal crime either. Obviously, this experience has been rough on me, my family, and my friends. We are determined to turn this very negative occurrence into a positive and enriching one. As such, I have decided to chronicle my experience as I progress through the system. I plan to write about the affects this experience has on my family, lessons learned, my thoughts and feelings, my wife, my toddler, and other things going through my brain that I think may be worth talking about. I also must say that I mean no disrespect to anyone else’s experience. I recognize that I am fortunate, in that I have one year and a day while others are serving much more time. I can only comment on my experience and observations as a guy with no prior criminal history. I hope to reach my family and friends, and at some point others that are going through a similar experience or friendly people that are just curious. That’s all for now. -Prisoner 33778-171