FEARS and PLANS—-Prior to Reporting!

The vulnerability of redshirting has caused me to question my utility at home. Therefore, when I am incarcerated, I fear my wife will realize she does not need me. I’m afraid my daughter will forget me, and I have accepted the fact that the dynamic between some of my friends and me has been inextricably changed.

Redshirting creates insecurities, but I have never been an insecure person. I want to make this experience as positive as I possibly can while recognizing this year will be much tougher on my family. I owe it to them to utilize my Redshirt year to return as a much improved person. Here’s to having a plan, and working on it every day. I believe in the WIN principle. (What’s Important Now). First up on the agenda, survive the first day with my dignity intact (I actually intend to thrive rather than survive but that’s neither here nor there). During intake, I plan to capture my experience while enduring the process, to stay focused on where I want to be not where I am, and to listen more than I speak.

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  1. I’m following, Bro!
    Your wife married you because she loves you…not because she “needs” you. And I feel like she is the one who is in it with you for the long haul. You are right to just focus on what’s important now. You’ve spent soooo much quality time with that sweet little girl! No way she can forget you!!

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  2. I’m following too, Bro! You know that we are all here beside you.
    It is sad but true that some of your friendships have and will change. But regarding your wife, I feel like she is the ONE…the one who is in it with you for the long haul. She married you because she loves you…not because she needed you. And you’ve spent so much time with that sweet little girl, that you are imprinted in her little mind and heart. There’s no way she can forget you. You are right to focus on the now. One day at a time. This whole situation will give you such a unique perspective. Like Grandma Brooks used to say…Keep your head held high!

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  3. I never commented on anything before but your blog has interested me. It will be hard to get through this year. However you seem to have the resilience and integrity to pull through.

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  4. You always talked about your family and how you love your daughter! I know you married a woman that take her vows seriously! Remember what God join no man can take! I know it’s hard to say because I am not experiencing what you are but keep trusting and have faith in God! You are a great person with a big heart! Stay strong bro! Tiwan

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  5. Your name is still Dan, not your number. Hello, Dan.
    We are thinking of you and wish you health and peace, with love to the whole family and support system at home.
    What type of tech can you access there that enables you to do this?

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  6. Be Encouraged, Son!
    You have always been a good person who tried to look out for others.
    And, you have always taken the road less traveled. Even when offered an “easy”, and often less honorable, way to promote yourself rather, you have always chosen instead to put in the work and get it done. Anyone who’s ever
    “really known you” can attest to that.
    It was never more evident than when you chose to attend the CITADEL rather than any of the three banker’s boxes of (often easier) college offers that you could have chosen from. The CITADEL offered you hard work and a great education leading towards your dream of becoming a Lawyer and helping people and Society. YOU made that decision and I was ever so proud of you.
    I’ve watched your determination to accomplish and achieved higher goals since infancy.
    God knows who you are and He knows your heart. And, I’m sure He’s with you every step of the way making sure that Goodness and Mercy shall follow you always.

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  7. Stay strong. Keep the faith. I offer the words of my cadre sergeant when I reported to the ‘Del: “hey knob! You should be able to walk through hell if you know you’re getting out!”
    His words didn’t make much sense at 18, but they have provided comfort during tough times. I hope they have the same effect for you.

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