Things I Admire About My Daughter

My daughter may only be 20 months old, but there are plenty of things I admire about her. She has the uncanny ability to focus on the here and now. She is totally fixed on the present. She does not lament what occurred last week or concern herself with the oatmeal stains I am sure are on her onsie. She’s not looking forward to the walks we will take when I get out of prison (though, I certainly am). She’s just focused on the moment, and the joy she gets from experiencing the world around her. She’s not buried in her cell phone (she doesn’t have one) — nor do I (at the moment).

I admire my daughter’s tenacity. She never quits. She focuses on tasks that she is interested in completing. She never gives up.

I admire the fact that she is so tough. She may fall down, but she always gets back up. She is resilient.

I love her love of books and learning. She inspires me to work harder as a parent.

My daughter is strong of mind, body, and spirit. She is mighty!

Most of all she is kind, loving, and friendly to all. She is a blessing.

When I get home, we are going to the zoo….

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  1. Your daughter gets a lot those wonderful traits and genes from you! Just you admire her she also admire and love you as her father! She is awaiting to see her strong father to spend time as she grows and change daily! Stay strong brother

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