10 of my Daughter’s Firsts I Missed While in Prison

1. The first time my daughter could jump up and down without holding on to something.

2. I missed my daughters 18 month wellness check. –It was the first doctors appointment of hers I have ever missed, to include all appointments prior to her birth. I will also miss her 24 month check up as well. I am thankful she is healthy and growing.

3. The first time my daughter wore my wife’s high heel shoes. I am told she nimbly walked all around without falling.

4. I missed the first time my daughter set her own little table for dinner. (Maria Montessori was a genius!)

5. The first time my daughter imitated my wife’s yoga poses. (My little girl is athletic :>) )

6. The first time my daughter slid down the slide at the playground by herself.

7. The first time my daughter was able to grab the refrigerator doors. (she probably learned that from me—lol)

8. The first time my daughter “escaped” from her crib.

9. The first time my daughter met Santa.

10. Christmas

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Best Fried Chicken, KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

As I walked back from my prison job at the library, I overheard two men arguing about which restaurant had the best drive thru fried chicken. One man in his 60’s insisted “Kentucky Fried Chicken” had the best fried chicken, and the other gentleman, in his 20’s, insisted “KFC” was superior. Neither man realized they were both referring to the same restaurant. Indeed, based on the restaurants unchanged “secret” 7 herbs and spices recipe, the were actually referring to the very same fried chicken. Nonetheless, the fiercely contested debate lasted around four hours, and spanned the evening meal –a very tasty hotdog served with a white substance, possibly Cole slaw, with a glass of water. Around lights out, it dawned on me the reason for the impasse was the prisoner in his sixties had been in almost 31 years, and still had 8 to go, and therefore when he was on the street the restaurant was called “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” He clearly was not aware of the revamping of the name. On the other hand, the younger man in his 20’s was either not yet born or was too young to remember the original name; he only knows the initials. #prisondivides #KFC #itsstillnotbetterthanmymommas